MacWorld exhibitor highlights (updated)

MacAlly’s BTKeyMini

This mini Bluetooth keyboard is designed for the iPhone.  It could be really useful if coupled with Mobile Google Docs.


DisplayLink USB Multi-Display Adapter for Mac

This product is amazing.  I saw it demoed with four external monitors hooked up to a Mac Mini.  The potential here for MacBooks and Mini’s is tremendous.

Code42’s CrashPlan Pro

This backup product brings the excellent CrashPlan to the enterprise level.  Ever wanted to run your own CrashPlan Central?  Well, now you can.


comments on this post:

Charles Carver said:
January 20, 2008 (late at night)

What new products that apple made did they show there?

dfbills's avatar
dfbills said:
January 22, 2008 (late at night)

- MacBook Air
- Time Capsule
- New Mac Pro
- New Xserve
- New firmware for iPhone & iPod Touch

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